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MCF is proud to present its range of unique and market leading bait products to you through this web site. We hope our passion and experience are enough to convince you that we are serious about providing you with the very best in Carp fishing bait!

What makes MCF Bait different from the rest?

I have spent many hours of my life fishing. This experience has given me a true understanding of what types of bait and which combinations of ingredients will catch fish consistently. Some of the ingredients I use are well known and most baits that are made with these products will always help to put a fish or two on the bank. However, some ingredients I use are not so well known and when these two together with low levels of vitamins, minerals and flavour are used correctly, the finished bait can be truly awesome! I know because I use bait made this way and this is what gives me my edge!

Over 40 years of Carp fishing plus a little help from my friends, has helped me to select the most effective bait ingredients to now produce a unique range of fresh/frozen boilies for anglers. When it comes to bait we know that the best bait will give you the best results, so our experience in a range of bait products has been incorporated into our mixes and will show through.