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So what’s the difference between MCF baits & other bait companies?

The answer is…Evolution!

All our base mixes have evolved over the last 30 years into what they are today. However, none of our baits were originally made to be sold; they were in fact developed to give me a maximum edge over my fellow anglers. Working closely with John Baker who formulated some of the first mixes, combining my own knowledge (learnt by trial and error) and a helping hand from that other great bait maker Dave Thorpe, I was able to put together a range of top quality baits that are now being used by myself, friends and customers to great effect all over the UK and in Europe.

Our emphasis is on TOP QUALITY, FRESH ingredients used at the right levels and combinations to give us the unique profiles we have achieved within our mixes…in our mind this is vitally important. Furthermore, it goes without saying that the flavours we add to our base mixes are top quality with the emphasis on the back note enhancer's within the flavour. These give each bait that truly rounded taste that even at the very low levels we use just do not go away, giving each bait consistency in taste and flavour. This is key in getting carp to return to baited areas to find and eat your bait.

All our baits are designed to be a food source containing proteins, carbohydrates and natural oils that carp need to maintain a healthy being.

We are proud to present our range of market leading products to you through this website. We hope our passion and experience are enough to convince you that we are serious about providing you with the very best in carp fishing bait available!